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About us

Are you curious about the story and the people behind Tennis the World? Do you want to discover how we strengthen the world of tennis? Keep reading!

It's a Journey

We understand better than anyone the challenges of making progress in your game. It involves ups and downs, trial and error.

We noticed that there is a group of players and coaches who want to maximize their potential without necessarily aiming for the Grand Slams. However, there was no platform to bring these individuals together and provide them with the desired progress.

Hugo Straver, the founder of Tennis the World, drew inspiration from this challenge to come up with a solution.

Hugo needed tips for matches, mental and tactical tools, and ways to develop oneself in your own time, whether it was through casual play or improving physical fitness from the comfort of your home.

Ultimately, the PROgression-PROgram was born, a program designed for passionate players and dedicated coaches.


The Circle Of Progress

This is what we call our community: 'The Circle Of Progress.'

Inside our circle, there are individuals who are truly committed to tennis. Those who aspire to more than just hitting a ball once a week.

A significant part of your skill level is determined by your environment.

That's why we aim to bring people together in our circle.

We're all about achieving progress.

The dream team


Hugo Straver

Hugo is involved in all aspects of the company, from content on YouTube and the PROgression-PROgram to giving clinics and customer contact.



Jeroen Rinkel

Team Content Coaches.

Jeroen is responsible for the content within the PROgression-PROgram for players and coaches.


Jelte Veldkamp

Team Content Coaches.

Jelte is responsible for the content within the PROgression-PROgram for players and coaches.

Youp Meesters

Content Editor

Jitty Groen

Content & Marketing

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