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Watch it.
Learn it.
Do it.

As a fanatical amateur, work professionally and make progress in your game anytime, anywhere.

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Special Roland Garros Offer:
Now a 30-day free trial instead of 14 days!

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the demo first

Grow together Online and offline

Your level is determined by your environment. Strengthen your environment by becoming a member and connecting with like-minded fanatics.

The PROgression-PROgram for players
 Your Circle Of Progress 

Results oriented

Making progress is difficult. Tennis is hard. From now on you will work purposefully on what you need. You will feel the result and so will your buddies and opponents.

Holistic approach

You don't just work on your technique. You work on all essential aspects necessary for growth in your game. You become a smarter and stronger player. Physically and mentally.

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Train with purpose using valuable programs

Digital coaching and training

Monthly updates 

Physical, mental, technique & tactics

Be part of the Community (The Circle)

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A program for
every tennis journey

Mentally strong and calm at the same time

Play more strategically and become more technically skilled

Purposeful free play

Physical workouts for at home or  in the gym


A place where you can channel your tennis enthusiasm.

Not everyone around you shares the same level of tennis passion as you do. Not everyone is truly committed to improvement.

You step onto the court to get better and you're eager to win.

That's where we, along with other like-minded individuals, are more than happy to support you.

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"Tennis The World is an ideal program. It provides me with support in various aspects such as technique, tactics, mental skills, physical training, and goal-oriented practice.



Thanks to the program, I've made progress in my serve and have started playing more freely. Additionally, it's a pleasant and secure online environment.


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Amazing platform! As a person in their forties and a beginner in tennis, I've made significant progress over the past year thanks to the videos, explanations, clinics, and the personalized approach of Tennis The World!


Ready to try the program?
Claim the Roland Garros Deal with a 30-Day Trial instead of 14-days.

PROgression-PROgram 30-Day Trial

€ 12,50

Deal ends after the Men's Final

Valid until canceled
30 day free trial

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