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Maximize Your Serve Speed Potential: 3 Simple Tips for Tennis Players.

Are you looking to up your game and add some speed to your tennis serves? Well, you're in luck! In this blog post, we're going to dive into three straightforward yet incredibly effective tips to help you serve with more speed and power. You won't need to overhaul your entire technique or struggle with complex adjustments. Instead, we'll focus on making incremental changes and practicing smart. So, let's get started on the journey to a more potent serve.

Tip 1: Have a Loose Grip and Point the Dot of Your Racket Toward the Ball

To significantly increase the speed of your serve, begin by releasing the tension in your arm and wrist. A common mistake many players make is gripping their rackets too tightly, which hinders their ability to generate power. To maximize your serve's speed, maintain a loose grip and point the dot of your racket towards the ball just before making contact. But be sure not to let your racket drop too soon. Instead, go to the trophy position and briefly pause before initiating the swing. Many players make the mistake of either dropping the racket prematurely or waiting too long. Avoid both of these pitfalls to unlock your serve's true potential.

Arthur Fils

Tip 2: Functional Legs for a Powerful Serve

Another area where many players miss the mark is in how they utilize their legs. Instead of only engaging their legs before tossing the ball, they need to learn how to use their legs effectively throughout the serve. To do this, load your legs during or just after the toss and then unleash that stored energy when you're ready to make maximum impact with the ball. It's almost like jumping into the ball right at the moment of impact. As a personal preference, focus on landing properly after your serve. For instance, if you're a lefty like me, concentrate on sticking the landing on your right leg. Does it directly affect your serve speed? Not necessarily. But it aids in generating more leg power and ensures a more intentional and controlled serve.

Arthur Fils

Tip 3: Hit the Gym the Right Way for Increased Power

Improving your serve speed goes beyond the tennis court; it extends to the gym. Many tennis players primarily focus on their on-court performance, but if you're serious about enhancing your game and serve speed, you need to build strength and athleticism in your body. Challenge yourself with a diverse gym routine that includes movements, jumps, throws, sprints, and, of course, plenty of serve practice. By supplementing your tennis training with targeted workouts, you'll be better equipped to unleash the full potential of your serve.

Are you eager for more in-depth information about how to tailor your gym workouts as a tennis player? Feel free to reach out! We offer a dedicated program designed to elevate your game, addressing various facets including physical, technical, tactical, and mental aspects to prepare you comprehensively. If you're interested, check out our website.

Your serve is about to get faster, and your game is about to get stronger – let's serve it up!

Watch the video below for additional explanation:

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