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Improving Your Volley Technique

Mastering the volley technique and skills is crucial in tennis. You're the one who needs to nail both parts of the volley.

In singles, your opponent might lure you forward with a short ball, and you want to confidently position yourself at the net.

In doubles, you're more often at the net, aiming to secure points through strong volleys.

Ideally, you willingly move to the net and earn points.

In this blog, I'll share tips to enhance your volley.

The technique of the volley

The technique of the volley differs significantly from that of the forehand and backhand.

With the forehand and backhand, you make a full swing. With the volley, on the other hand, the aim is generally to do as little as possible.

That sounds contradictory and often proves challenging for many players: at the net, we often witness wild movements.

So, let's dive straight into tip 1:

Tip 1: Keep it cool at the net

During a volley, as mentioned above, you want to minimize swinging. Therefore, you need to move calmly with your racket, keeping your cool at the net.

When a ball heads your way near the net, softly tap or guide it over the net with skill.

Did I say "guide with skill"? Hey, tip 2.

Tip 2: Focus on placement during the volley

Tips 3, 4, and 5 delve into the 'how' regarding technique, while tips 1 and 2 are crucial principles to follow.

For this tip, focus mainly on placement.

If you maintain a firm grip, move well through the ball, and have control with your racket, then all you need to concentrate on is the correct angle of the racket face. With the right angle, you can place the ball precisely where you want it.

By placing well, you quickly gain points at the net.

Your opponent has little time because you're close to the net, so excessive speed isn't always necessary.

But how exactly do we execute a volley?

Tip 3: Hold Your Racket Firmly – and Watch the Video

The grip for the volley is again different from that of the forehand and backhand.

For the volley, you want to use a 'hammer grip,' perhaps one you already use for serving.

For this, it's best to watch the video below (see tip 1 in the video).

(I have added English subtitels, so just click on the subs in the video.)

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Tip 4: Keep your racket in the middle during preparation

Often, we see players at the net already set for the forehand volley, thus almost always being too late for the backhand volley.

If you keep your racket in the middle in front of you at shoulder height, you'll be ready for both the forehand and backhand volleys.

Tip 5: Close the Gap at the Net

During a volley, you play the ball down fairly quickly. If you fail to do this, you risk hitting out.

If you volley (even slightly) downwards while not being close to the net yet... the ball will hit the net. Therefore, ensure you're close to the net when executing the volley.

Man hoe hits a correct volley

Bonus Tip: Practice the Volley

By practicing with the right tips, receiving video feedback, and doing the correct exercises on the court, you'll not only improve your volley technique but also your volley skills.

This means your volley won't just look good in terms of movement, but also that out of 10 volleys, for example, you'll hit 8 within a 1 by 1-meter area; that's impressive skill.

In the PROgressie-PROgram, we enhance your technique and skills for all strokes. However, technique alone won't be enough. That's why we also assist you in tactical, physical, and mental aspects. Additionally, you'll receive updates from us, to continue progressing steadily.

So, if you want to progress,

Start here with the PROgressie-PROgram and work with us on your game!

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