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Achieving maximum progress together.  

Elevate your entire game and secure more wins with our programs.

Will you become a part of
'The Circle Of Progress'?

Tennis is much more than hitting a ball.

And for some enthusiastic amateurs and tennis coaches, it's more than just a sport.

Tennis the World is here for the passionate amateur and dedicated tennis coach who wants to embark on a journey of discovery in the world of tennis.

Perhaps you've always wanted to reach a certain level?

Would you like to win a singles tournament again?

Or do you want to help your students achieve their goals.

You can't do this alone.

That's why we offer our programs and community!

Our offerings:
Exclusively tailored for dedicated players, not for the casual enthusiast.

At Tennis the World, we believe that amateur players require a different approach to training than the pros, while still incorporating their principles in mindset and play. This is why we've developed the PROgression Program for anyone dedicated to elevating their game as an amateur player.

 Match Analysis 

Record your match using SwingVision, and leave the rest to us. We meticulously analyze your game, providing tailored advice based on comprehensive statistics, your technique, strategic decisions, and physical abilities.

 The PROgression-PROgram 
 for coaches 

We are launching our Coaching Program for
open-minded coaches soon.
Please, leave your ego behind..

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 The PROgression-PROgram 
for players 

Are you a dedicated amateur player?

We are launching our community for like-minded people with goal-oriented training and tips soon.

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